The Problem: many proprietors will readily change trade suppliers or negotiate new terms when it is in their interests. It may be due to a suppliers product becoming inferior, complacency having set in, or the price becoming uncompetitive.

Proprietors know when they are not getting the right deal particularly when it comes to products and services they know about. However, for some reason they do not apply the same criteria when it comes to the professional services they employ, whether it be accountants, solicitors, bank managers, financial services or insurance advisers.

Complacency‚ familiarity or lack of knowledge are usually the reasons why a business will maintain a relationship with professional advisers even when they question whether they are getting a good service. Another reason the relationship is not questioned is that the proprietor may not know they are getting a poor service until something goes wrong.

We believe all businesses should review their service providers from time to time. There are some excellent professional firms who have been around for many years doing what they do best; achieving excellent results and providing innovative advice to clients. Finding them is easy if you know who and where they are. We can help you find the right team.

The Solution

We are happy to obtain a FREE discreet view as to whether you are getting the professional services you need at the right price. We obtain free no obligation consultations and can assist in the decision making process.

We are a bespoke consultancy which supports select businesses. We have a successful track record in doing this very efficiently without any inconvenience to clients.

Legal advisers

Getting good legal advice depends on you choosing the right solicitors with the appropriate skills. The interaction is also important because you will need to be confident about questioning their advice so that you can make a commercial decision as opposed to just a legal one.

We deal with many businesses struggling with legal issues. We regularly have to refer to solicitors for legal advice on client issues and we fully appreciate that the legal advice may be only half the battle in any situation. For instance, there is no point incurring substantial fees to pursue a debt if the debtor cannot pay even if he wanted to. We have seen this situation time and time again and we will advise on alternative methods to help you take a commercial approach.