When businesses are struggling and in financial distress the proprietors will soon realise that they may not have many options available. The likelihood of obtaining funding from traditional sources may be minimal and the pressures may be growing.

We have seen this scenario many times. We do not suggest it is easy to remedy such a situation and it is highly likely we cannot. However we are very experienced in such situations and we relish the challenge. The success stories speak for themselves. That is why we are a leading point of contact for many professionals when their clients are in trouble. If you want to know how we helped a business resolve serious creditor pressure have a look at our case studies.

Time for help?

We will very quickly help you tackle any immediate problems whether it be the bank, HMRC or other creditors. We can negotiate with the key creditors to buy some time to put realistic proposals to them to demonstrate it may be in their interests to allow you time. We have done this many times for clients and the results speak for themselves.

Many “Turnaround” professionals are in fact Insolvency Practitioners who have a vested interest in insolvency procedures being adopted. We are not, we are completely unbiased and independent so you know you are getting the right advice. If you want to read about how we saved a company from having Fixed Charge Receivers appointed over it’s properties have a look at our case studies.

Avoiding insolvency

We have a wealth of experience in helping businesses avoid insolvency. We can advise on all ranges of resue/ recovery procedures. We are motivated to ensure that if a rescue procedure is necessary then the right one for you is adopted.

There are many issues that businesses and individuals must take into account before making any decisions. We can advise on how best to remain within the insolvency framework so that you dont suffer any personal liability problems or fall foul of wrongful trading issues.


For instances where an insolvency procedure is unavoidable we can advise on all options and make sure you are dealt with on a fair basis.

There are many pitfalls to be aware of and we can fully explain them to you. We are not motivated to pursue insovency procedures unless they are a last resort and in your interest. However, through our experience and extensive contacts we can ensure a smooth process.