We are confident we can add real value and real results to professional practices. We have proven formulas that work and get results. We mentor on a one to one basis with senior management to demonstrate and implement effective strategies. We are also bold enough to say, don’t pay us if you don’t agree!

Marketing or wasted networking?

Professional practices such as solicitors and accountants generally have many long standing /recurring clients. This gives comfort and security whilst everything runs smoothly. If only that was the case in the long run. What such practices usually encounter is strong competition chipping away at their clients and partners or staff leaving (and taking a portfolio of clients with them!) This on top of a general downturn in business can leave them exposed.

Many firms network alright but fail to market. There is a huge difference between the two.

Coming from an environment of “one off” clients and an extremely competitive market place Jeremy has very strong views on how to market in both completely knew market areas and existing ones. His experience at national firms of accountants led him to believe that not only were they were incapable of reacting to the market place in time but they lacked marketing strategies that worked on a local level. It is no wonder so many mid sized professional practices are reportedly struggling.

The strategies are tried and tested. We can give advice on marketing strategies that work and produce results. It is an area we are very keen to develop.

We find that improving the marketing focus by small measures can lead to some significant improvements in winning more work. It is subtle, it is discreet and won’t cost any more than the practice is currently spending as it is focus led.

Financial management

When it comes to financial management Jeremy has advised many professional practices on how to manage their way out of trouble. Equally the same principles apply when advising practices on improving profitability and building reserves.

There are enough examples of professional practices getting into financial trouble yet others still do not heed the warnings. They survive on the prospect of current finance availablity being the same in a few years as it is now. That is a big gamble yet it is very often unneccessary. Many business owners only know what they do themselves (usually because they have always done it that way) and if they do have views on how other competitors do things it can often turn out unreliable.

Opening an organisations eyes to how things can be managed is very intimidating for all concerned. Not many people relish change and not many people like analysing accounts information. However, that does not mean they should continue with poor financial reporting controls.

We can help unravel the myths about financing and running a practice on a sound financial footing.