Clear unbiased advice

When prospective purchasers come across a business they are interested in the last thing they want is an adviser who encourages them along for the wrong reasons. What they need is someone who takes a good clear overview of the situation and can come up with a clear strategy to ensure success.

To us, we class talking someone out of buying a business a success too! We have seen too many people buy businesses and find out later that it was not what they expected. It happens and it will continue to happen. Even the mult-nationals get it wrong and they have huge resources to help them with their due diligence!




Talk to us if you are considering buying a business and we will help you make the right choices.

Why can’t you find a quality business?

Finding a good quality business is not easy. If they are highly successful they are often approached by prospective purchasers or sold to family or friends. After all who doesn’t want a successful profitable business? Finding such a business is often painstaking. The market place is full of adverts for businesses for sale with “great potential” (which sometimes means they have failed to reach their potential and never will). We can help prospective purchasers avoid wasting their time.

Buying a distressed business

Given our experience in dealing with many problem businessess we have seen it time and time again where the propietors have tried to sell up before it’s too late. So what may look successful to you may look riddled with problems to us. That experience helps us identify such problems and the knowledge to help drive the right deal to reflect the businesses real worth. When it comes to buying a business in financial trouble we know all the mechanisms to get the best deal for all concerned.

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We help you plan your strategy. We help you assess targets. We help you identify and approach targets. We only act for a limited number of clients.