We have extensive experience in helping business owners and individuals who have liabilities to banks or other financial institutions either through the business or through personal guarantees. It is vital that a thorough review takes place before any negotiations take place.

We can very quickly guide you through the merits of any action. We also outline various options that are commonly overlooked but can be instrumental in achieving results. Given our experience dealing with financial issues we have an innovative approach to resolving issues.

It is particularly important to seek advice if you or the business were sold financial products which may have contributed to any financial problems. If this is the case we are authorised to deal with such matters.

We have numerous success stories to demonstrate how we have helped businesses and individuals negotiate successful settlements with banks and other creditors.



This is a hot topic for many businesses encouraged to take loans with “Hedging”. They were eagerly sold to many unsuspecting proprietors who relied on the representations made by the financial institutions selling them or found them too difficult to understand. We identified these products as being a problem in the market place well before the new review procedure was announced and have lobbied about them for some time.

They have been very bad news for many businesses and they can be expensive to get out of.

They can be complex and there is a lot of momentum building up to put pressure on the banks to resolve complaints fairly. There is a long way to go but in the meantime more and more challenges against these products are being made through the Courts. The Financial Conduct Authority have ordered a review of certain types of these products.

We have a lot of experience in helping clients who were sold these products even before the FCA review was announced. We are therefore well placed to advise bank customers how best to resolve the problem.

See our commentary in the press. Yorkshire Post.

Even better contact us and ask about  our successes in helping clients successfully get full redress from the banks.We are a boutique specialist in this area and our long standing experience in these products helps us get  the result you want.